4s/5s students marching with their protest signs.

PAMDS families at the Great Lawn Games in Central Park.

PAMDS families playing games at our End-of-Year Picnic in Central Park. 

PAMDS families at the annual Halloween Party. 

Children in the 3s/4s class participating in the Rising New York Road Runners Program. 

PAMDS families gathering for the annual Bagel Breakfast party.

The PAMDS community at our annual fundraising event, the Holiday Party & Auction. 

Families enjoying a magic show performance at our annual Carnival. 

Students performing in the Spring Sing Along.

Families preparing food for NY Common Pantry on Sandwich Making Day.

PAMDS families dancing at our annual Family Winter Play Date.

Students receiving a visit from the Art Farm NYC.

PAMDS hosting a viewing of The Muppets Take Manhattan. 

Students visiting Neighborhood Cats, a feral cat colony in NYC.