We asked alumni and parents to share some memories of their time at Park Avenue Methodist Day School. 

“Park Avenue Methodist Day School was the most wonderful preschool. The teachers were very generous with hugs, and love, and support. I can’t think of anything more important to a preschool!”

-Linda Kurtz, parent of PAMDS alumnus

“I remember playing on the roof and enjoying the water slide each summer during camp. And I remember being so very excited to move to the older side!”

– Caroline Nierman, Class of 1992

“One of my favorite memories is of having dance time and getting very excited when the theme from Ghostbusters came on!”

– Genevieve Nierman, Class of 1996

“I loved watching my daughter riding a bicycle on the roof for the first time!”

– Alison Hunter, parent of PAMDS alumna

“I have a lot of great memories from PAM. I remember everything from playing on the roof, to singing songs, to playing on the red carpet. I learned a lot while at PAM, including how to get along with other kids. I also had a lot of fun. We sang a song about PAM (“We love our school”). Also a song about a taxi. Several of my classmates went to kindergarten with me at Trevor and some of them are still with me (grade 6).”

– Tyler Eerkes, Class of 2012

“My little bundle of love had turned three and I knew it was time to find him the right school. As a stay at home mom, I took it as a mission to weigh the pros and cons of almost every UES day school. I was introduced to PAMDS as a member of the Park Avenue Methodist Church and before I knew it, I was emailing Ms. DeGesero a few times a week asking for placement confirmation. PAMDS was the perfect nurturing, loving and supportive environment for my son. He was toilet trained in two weeks and his list of vocabulary words had increased in no time. The wonderful staff at PAMDS taught him to be a kind and respectful boy and he always parted with me at drop off with a big smile on his face. I could not have been happier and choosing PAMDS ended by being one of the best decisions I made for my son.”

– Nithya Thomas, parent of PAMDS alumnus