PAMDS embraces a ‘Playful Inquiry’ approach to curriculum design and child-centered experiences. The teachers construct a dynamic mix of activities using a variety of materials by carefully observing a child’s natural tendencies and wonderings in play-based activities. The students’ questions and discoveries are artfully documented and turned back to them to create rich projects where they form their own theories about the world and share this knowledge with the community. When you walk our halls, you will see ‘Documentation Panels’ sharing the stories of materials explorations and research projects. These ‘Cycles of Inquiry’ incorporate math, science, literacy, drama, movement, music and visual art. Children are asking and answering their own questions. The program is structured, scheduled and teacher supervised yet child-driven.

Social development in preschool is undeniably important, and we provide the children social freedom to explore various relationships while in an environment that demands respect for others. A child’s preschool experience is often their first emotional foray outside their immediate family and our professionally trained and sensitive faculty is prepared to support and nurture every child along a successful path. Last and certainly not least, children’s intellectual development between the ages of two and six is best fostered in a happy, secure and responsive environment. PAMDS strikes the perfect balance between creative, yet not chaotic, challenging yet developmentally sensitive, and child-centered but not child-centric.


2019-2020 Inquiry Cycles