Early Bird Drop-Off

Park Avenue Methodist Day School is continuing Early Bird Drop-Off for the 2020-2021 school year for PAMDS children ages 3 and older. Families are welcome to drop-off their PAMDS children anytime between 8am and 8:45am. Early drop-off is only available on days class is in session for the child.

Families can purchase a package of 10 early drop-offs to be used over the course of the year or families can pay the drop-in rate. Packages of 10 may be purchased on a rolling basis throughout the year.




Park Avenue Methodist Day School is excited to offer afterschool programs for the Fall Semester. To maintain social distancing and stable groups of children, we have moved all of our classes to a virtual platform. Our ongoing partnership with auxiliary programs will bring courses that enrich the lives of our young children. All classes will take place virtually starting at 4:00 PM. Each class will run for 30-45 minutes. All children ages 3 to 6 years of age from the community are welcome, so please spread the word! Classes will begin the week of September 14th and continue through the week of December 14th, 2020 with shares, showcases, and make-up classes. As always, your child has the option of taking one trial class in the first week of afterschool before committing to the semester. Space is very limited in these programs, and we enroll on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please print and return the Registration Form (parts 1-3 in this document) to reserve your child’s spot. We will reassess the possibility of in-person afterschool before enrollment for the second semester (starting the week of January 4th and ending the week of May 31st, 2021) begins.

Arts, Crafts & Storytelling (Monday)

Meghan Grover will lead the Arts, Crafts & Virtual Storytelling class this fall. This program will explore stories of various genres through the skill-building and practice of creating visual art. We will embrace the use of everyday materials that we have in our homes already. Join us as we learn about artists and different mediums using storytelling as our guide. The semester will culminate in a virtual gallery opening of the student’s art.

Days with No Sessions: 9/28, 10/12



Young Theater Makers (Tuesday)

Nicole Serra, Associate Director of Park Avenue Youth Theatre, will lead the Virtual Young Theatre Makers class this fall. Our program will utilize games and improvisation activities to create original theatre through our screens! This is a brilliant opportunity for children to enhance their “reading readiness” skills and build their social-emotional intelligence. The group will collaborate to sequence a piece of work together that they will share with their families and friends on December 15th! 

Days with No Sessions: N/A


Chess at Three (Wednesdays)

PAMDS is continuing its partnership Chess at Three, the premier early-childhood chess program in NYC. Chess at Three has launched a new platform for the virtual classroom! This new technology will provide in-program live video of teachers, and a virtual chess board programmed to work with the Chess at Three curriculum. Teachers engage students through storytelling, transforming the chess pieces into a memorable cast of characters. Each character has an array of quirky qualities that help children understand how the chess pieces move and introduces children to important themes that go far beyond chess. Chess at Three students learn about sportsmanship, grit, and math, all through stories. Chess at Three will personally select a teacher that understands the developmental needs of the children in the program to ensure a good fit.

Days with No Sessions: 11/25


Ready, Set, Code (Thursday)

Jump-start your child’s STEAM education with Ready Set Code – a playful introduction to computer programming! Our innovative online Zoom sessions will give students a strong foundation in coding basics while developing their computational thinking, spatial reasoning, and sequencing skills. Through storytelling, puzzles, and games, children will explore aspects of coding such as sequences, algorithms, “if” statements, and loops so they can get accustomed to the vocabulary and how it applies to everyday life. Each session will be run on Zoom, where the students will read a story with the class instructor, Daniella Rossi, and work together to write and execute code for our coding mousebot. On occasion, the children will also be using Scratch Jr to expand their knowledge of coding vocabulary and skills. We are very excited about this “code-tastic” program, and we hope you are too!

Days with No Sessions: 11/26


Tuition for each program is $540. Please reach out to Liz Sweeney, our Afterschool Coordinator, if you have any questions! (Liz@PAUMCNYC.ORG)