Erik Erickson is credited with defining the stages of Pyscho-Social Development. Below is a grid with information from birth through five years old:

Age Stage Psycho-Social Issue Ideal Environmental Conditions
0-1 Trust Security nurturing, consistent, protective
2-3 Autonomy Self-Control role models, guidelines, support
4-5 Initiative Independent exploration, encouragement, opportunity

Park Avenue Methodist Day School offers an environment, a curriculum and a teaching staff that considers the individual development of each child within the accepted developmental stages recognized by child development experts outlined above. There are certain behavioral expectations and skills acquisition that accompany these stages. Accordingly, there are certain educational goals that we have and related activities that you may employ at home to supplement your child’s development and growth in these areas. Please refer to the links below for each of the classes by age.

The Development, Education and Home Life of Two to Three-Year-Old Children

The Development, Education and Home Life of Three to Four-Year-Old Children

The Development, Education and Home Life of Four to Five-Year-Old Children