Articulation of Knowledge Through Movement

April-May 2018

This year’s 3s students loved to move! Some of their most engaged moments was with a song while using the body for expression. When teachers reflected on how to culminate the growth and knowledge children achieved over the year, the use of movement came right to mind. But how do we capture it in a such a way so each child has their own opportunity for expression without the pressure of an audience? A movie!

The children were hatching butterflies, coming in each morning thrilled to see the changes taking place.

In their afternoon yoga class, the teachers started to work on “butterfly” poses. Child’s pose became “egg pose!” They stretched out their bodies like caterpillars and flapped their legs like butterfly wings. They used different painting techniques (watercolor, squeeze bottles, etc.) to make various butterfly illustrations. The group even did a careful reading of A Very Hungry Caterpillar using a felt board to keep track of all the food being eaten.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Felt Board


After seeing children so responsive to these movements and observations, teachers thought a “Butterfly Movie” would be a great way for children to use movement to illustrate their understanding of the life-cycle of a butterfly.

Children worked to make the backdrop for the movie, painting grass and flowers.

They began to extend their butterfly movement vocabulary to include the use of a proboscis (finger) to get nectar from flowers. The used symmetry painting techniques to create large life-sized butterfly wings. When the big day finally arrived, each child got a chance to experience their own “metamorphosis” from egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis and finally butterfly! To close, the whole group put on their wings for a big butterfly dance using Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons -Spring.”

When it came time to watch their movie, the 3s mixed, cut and baked “leaf cookies” to munch on like caterpillars.

They gathered on the red rug to watch their cinematic debut. During the viewing, children pointed to the screen, excited to name the friends they were seeing. It was a great way for children to see themselves and the culmination of their year together.


Watching Movie


Each child had hatched into a beautiful butterfly ready to fly into their next adventures at school and beyond.