“Play is the highest form of research.”

-Albert Einstein

Founded in 1954, many families across the city are well acquainted with our secular school. When the school was established, our play-based pedagogic model was virtually the only form of early childhood education.  While other educational approaches have been introduced or developed since then, we continue to hold play at our core. PAMDS is the home of ‘Playful Inquiry’. Through constructive and meaningful play experiences and ‘Cycles of Inquiry’, children not only learn what they need to know, but also acquire the skills that they need to be successful learners and citizens beyond preschool.

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Park Avenue Methodist Day School is a secular program that embraces play as the work of childhood through Playful Inquiry. While engaging in meaningful play experiences, children explore, problem solve, and build emotional awareness. They are at the center of their learning. In this inclusive community, our purpose is for children to become compassionate change makers and lifelong learners with the confidence to pursue their passions.


How to Talk to Your Kids About Race and Racism

Led by Dr. Simran Jeet Singh

Tuesday, October 26

12 – 1pm, Zoom

Many of us are getting more invested in dealing with race and racism, and we’re understanding more and more why it matters for all of us. But how do we bring these conversations into our own homes and ensure that we’re raising our kids with the same values and skills? In this session, we’ll explore some reasons why race-conscious parenting is so difficult for us, and consider how we might implement some of its principles to raise better, more compassionate children.

Recognized among Time Magazine’s 16 people fighting for a more equal America, Dr. Simran Jeet Singh is Senior Adviser of Diversity and Inclusion for YSC Consulting and a Visiting Professor at Union Seminary. He is a 2020 Equality Fellow for the Open Societies Foundation and the best-selling author of Fauja Singh Keeps Going (Penguin Random House). Simran will release his debut adult non-fiction book for Penguin Random House in 2022 entitled More of This Please: Sikh Wisdom for the Soul.

You must reserve your place to attend. PAMDS will email the Zoom link to attendees the day before the workshop. Email office@pamdayschool.org for more information. 


Park Avenue Methodist Day School, like all schools in New York City, closed in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With permission from city and state governments, PAMDS reopened in September 2020. We are following all guidelines set forth by the Department of Health and suggestions from the CDC to maintain the health and safety of our community.