A developmentally appropriate play-based curriculum is offered with a balance between classroom and playground activities. The program is structured, scheduled, and teacher supervised, yet child-driven. The social, emotional, and intellectual development of each individual child is the focus of every teacher on staff.

Gross motor activity is scientifically proven to be inextricably linked to children’s cognitive development and we provide one hour of playground activity per day. Our school showcases an incredible rooftop playground complete with a running track for our Mighty Milers program, large hollow blocks for building, bicycles, a six-seater wooden jeep, and so much more. The playground is currently undergoing renovations in the late summer of 2016 to further improve and update our unique rooftop space. Stay tuned for updates.

Social development in preschool is undeniably important and we provide the children social freedom to explore various relationships while in the confines of an environment that demands respect for others. Children’s preschool experience is often their first emotional foray outside their immediate family and our professionally trained and sensitive faculty is prepared to support and nurture your child along a successful path.  Children’s intellectual development between the ages of three and six is best fostered in a happy, secure, and responsive environment. That is what we do best at PAMDS.